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Im on: Mac Pro 2x2 Ghz Dual-Core Intel Xeon, 6GB 667 Mhz DDR2 FB-DIMM

Im running: Aperture v2.1.4


I work in a small media office with a large workflow of photography, so managing all the photos has always been a problem. i got aperture which is great, but i have had issues over the years.


i started with a normal library on an external 500GB USB drive, this soon filled up and i discovered also that you cannot split a library over several drives and also that it runs very slow with so many images, especially on an external USB drive.


i decided to begin a new library, this time i kept the library file on my macintosh HD and referenced the files to a new 1.5TB HD.

we currently have in this library about 2 years of photos, around 160,000 referenced masters on the external drive and the aperture library file is around 160gb now.


this has worked ok for 2 years but now im running low on space again (on both my HD and the external) and aperture is running increasingly slow.


my plan was then to buy a new INTERNAL 2TB HD and begin my 3rd library on the basis that the other 2 librarys will be availble to connect to when i need them. this is assuming thats its my only option, i would love to have one library with all the photos, but it seems not to be possible.



My problem: firstly provided this plan is plausible the first thing i want to do is move the massive 160GB library file (which contains no masters) over to the remaining space on the 1.5TB external USB drive to clear space on my main HD...

1) im guessing this will make it slower when accessed but will be ok? will it still know the location of the referenced files on the same HD (unmoved)?

2) i tried copying the file over already, it was due to take 5 hours to copy, on the last 30 mins it hit an error copying one of the files and therefore cancelled... what on earth do i do to prevent this?

3) perhaps a silly question, its been a wee while since i created a new library and i cant see where i do this? i know i select which aperture library i am connected to in preferences and re-start, but no idea how to create a new one.

Mac Pro 2x2Ghz Dual Core Xeon, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 6CB 667Mhz DDR2 FB DIMM