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I want to back-up all Bookmarks, cookies etc from Safari whilst my iMac goes away to Apple for repair.


I then want, should anything happen to them whilst it is away (unlikely, as it is a failed DVD drive, but one can't be too careful!) to be able to restore them at a later date.


How can I do this?


What file(s) do I need to copy to my external drive and how can I later restore all current bookmarks, settings, etc?


Is it just a case of copying, deleting and later restoring the plist file?


I've backed up most other important data and settings but my mind has gone inexplicably blank (don't you dare mention advanced age!) on Safari!


Any advice would be very much appreciated.

27" quad-core i7 iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 16GB RAM; Also G4 eMac and G4 Tower
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    You don't really need to save the cookies, your passwords are more important !


    The easiest to save everything related to Safari is to go in the folder yourusername/Library and backup the folder named Safari.

    Inside of that folder you will find all your bookmarks, history, extensions, Top Sites, configuration, databases, downloads, webpages icons and local storage.


    To save Safari's preferences you should backup the file com.apple.Safari.plist in the folder yourusername/Library/Preferences.


    Hope this will help.

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    Thanks mcbuffy, much obliged! 

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    I do not have a Library folder under my username

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    Go to Finder and select your user/home folder. With that Finder window as the front window, either select Finder/View/Show View options or go command - J.  When the View options opens, check ’Show Library Folder’. That should make your user library folder visible in your user/home folder.  Select Library.

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    Hi Eric,

    I do not have a "Finder" , as use a PC