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I just installed Boot Camp and now most of my MAC is Windows based.  However, I cannot get my second monitor to connect even after using the Rocketfish VGA connector.  I tried all resolutions seetings. I am worried it doesn't work. Help!

MacBook Pro, Windows 7
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    What do you mean it won't connect? You can't display on the external monitor or the external monitor is not detected?  If you right click on the desktop and select screen resolution do you see both monitors?


    What model monitor? Why are you using a VGA connector? Does your monitor not have a digital input like DVI? Did you install the Windows support/driver software?

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    Thank you so much for getting back to me.  By not connecting I mean, it will not show a picture.  When I right click and change the display settings, I have gone through every possible reolution setting on none of them produce a picture other than an occasiional flickering screen on the very lowest resolution setting. 


    The monitor model is HF 199H and it is still relatively new and in great condition. 


    I bought the Rocketfish connector (RF-AP307) as I was told by the Apple Techs at Best Buy that I needed the cable in order to hook up a second monitor.  There's also an HDMI output from the monitor but I do not have the cable to connect to my computer. 


    Is there a chance that somehow bootcamp will not allow for me to extend my screen?

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    This is Apple tech article and FAQ to use:



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    Thanks for the input, but this doesn't help me.  Any other ideas?