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Hi, I can use after market apps like printcentral to get my work email from owa, I have tried setting up exchange with no luck, my IT dept dosn't support personal iPads so will not help, any suggestions please?


iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1
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    PrintCentral is a printing app, so I don't know what connection it would have to getting mail from an Exchange server. Perhaps if you'll detail the problems you're having getting connected to your Exchange server, someone here may be able to help you sort things out. Note that the Exchange server must have either ActiveSync or IMAP set up or you won't be able to connect other than by using a web browser (if indeed your Exchange server supports web access).



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    Thanks for that, printcentral uses the URL from my web access, how would I determine if it's activesync or imap?

    My boss has company issue iPad which I have copied all details replacing my e mail details, I'm wondering if there is a tick box scenario that IT have to do enabling me to access it?

    Printcentral is fine, but I cannot identify my smpt server for replying to mails, I tagged my yahoo mail smpt so I receive at work email then reply from private email.

    Any other suggtions on apps or otherwise would be great.


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    Sorry, I missed that PrintCentral had email capabilities, but reading in more detail, I see that it does. I don't know anything about that app, so you'll probably need to contact the developer's technical support for assistance with that issue. They have some information here which might help; look in the "E-Mail" section:




    how would I determine if it's activesync or imap?


    You would have to ask your server administrator. I don't think PrintCentral uses ActiveSync, though, so that is probably not an issue.