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    Yes. On at least the 2006 if using the DVI dual link port, the MDP will not have the power for DVI, hence the black screens, I also found buried, confusing Apple support articles on this. I bought and tried passive MDP to DVI, no go. I tried an expensive Dual link powered adapter, no go. Apple said use MDP to VGA, since my DVI port was in dual mode to feed the 30" Cinema Display. My 2nd and 3rd monitors had VGA. So I bought from Monoprice two MDP to VGA cables and vola, three monitors running!

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    Terrific news! I returned the Radeon card to the seller. I guess I'll order another one now. Thanks!

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    Guys, I am really confused at your trouble. The 5770 is discussed all over the boards as working 100% in every Mac Pro from 1,1 to present day with OS X 10.6.4 or above. This link, while for the "official" configuration of 2009 and later, is commonly used as reference for configuring the correct monitor setup. You can see that it refers to a DVI monitor up to 30" in the DVI port, and a second DVI monitor from the 1st MDP using a passive adapter, or 2 additional DVI monitors using powered active adapters.



    Questions. Do you have the auxiliarly power cable from the motherboard plugged into the card? Also, are you plugged into the bottom PCIe slot and is your PCIe slot configured to be x16 which is needed to support the 5770 (bottom slot should have been this way from factory but can be reconfigured to other settings).


    I researched this upgrade for a couple of months before I purchased, and everything worked 100% as planned when I received the card. Can't figure why you are having all the issues. It was literally power off, swap cards, power on, voila!


    Lots more discussion here:


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    I can only speak of my personal experience with the 5770 in my Mac Pro 1.1. I did plug into the bottom PCI slot which is 16X and I did have the power cable plugged into the board. But I could only get signal out of the DVI. No signal using the MDP to DVI adapter to a second monitor.

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    Thats really weird. Did you try both MDP ports? I think it is supposed to be the one farthest from the DVI port, I know with mine it works but not correctly in the other port, I only did it once at time of install can

    t remember all the details, have had in the farthest one ever since.


    Have you tried multiple MDP to DVI adapters? I am using the official Apple one right now but have a generic on on order to use with my MBA will try it in the Pro as well.


    Sorry, wish I could help more, goes against everything that I had seen in a lot of reading about this topic before upgrading mine.

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    Yes, I tried both MDP ports with two different adapters. If the MDP to VGA adapter will do the trick as suggested, I'm ready to try it.

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