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whenever i sync my ipad to iTunes i always see the yellow bar that represent 'other' taking up quite a lot of space, so i'm wonder what does it mean.

i have a lot of ebooks/files in the ipad is it because of this that i have about 1+GB of other space being taken up. i'm afraid that if i continue to add more ebooks/files into my ipad that it is going to eat up all of the space i currently have available.


p.s. if i helps i'm using dropbox, adobe reader, and other various book/managing app to sort and organize my ebooks/files.


p.p.s. is there a way for me to clear out some of the files that is being store in 'other' if it's not important?


thank for the help in advance.


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iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    "Other" is app data and settings (including your ebooks in app date), Safari History and bookmarks, Notes, Calendar entries, the camera roll, text and email messages and any photos associated with contacts, - items that do not fall into the media category - apps, music, books, TV Shows, Movies, podcasts and so on.


    I have read that "other" should be around 250 - 750 MB in size. Of course, the more files that you have on the device, the larger"other" will be.


    If you see 4GB or 5GB of "other" that is probably indicative of a corrupt sync or bad files on the iPad. Sometimes syncing again will clear it up, removing and then resyncing photos might help as well. Sometimes the only thing that works is to restore the iPad.


    You can actually see what apps are accounting for the storage on the device. Go to Settings>General>Usage>Storage - tap on the app and you can see how much document and data storage each app is taking up in the documents and data setting.


    I have about 1.3 GB of "other" and that may be a bit too much, but my iPad is running great and I'm not about to restore it unless I run into a problem.


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    thanks for the help.


    i'll like to just clearify what i understood from your reply. so you me the 'other' is data that is being store in my iPad that is part of my ebooks/files collection? if that is so i don't understand why the numbers i see from app storage documents and data deoesn't match the number 'other' is taking up.


    p.s. i also have about 1.3GB of 'other' but from what i have calculated my app documents and data storage takes up about .74GB so i don't know where the unaccounted .56GB is.


    p.p.s. i know for a fact that i don't have any contact on my ipad so that shouldn't take up any space at all.


    once again, thank you very much for the help.

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    The obvious thing that I forgot about - the iPad operating system accounts for the other in "other"


    You might want to take a look at this artcile with 6 tips to free up sapce on the iPad, if you are that concerned about storage on the device.

    http://osxdaily.com/2012/04/24/6-tips-free-up-storage-space-ipad-iphone-ipod-tou ch/

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    I've got to say I agree with your first post. However, not the second post. iOS is stored in a separate partition of approximately 1.3GB worth in storage. It's separated from the "Others". You should see that the iOS partition's size is totally unmentioned in Settings -> Usage.


    https://discussions.apple.com/servlet/JiveServlet/downloadImage/2-18379445-11592 3/450-600/image.png

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    I was just looking at my System status app as well and see the same thing that you are seeing. I stand corrected.


    However, I still don't think that the unaccounted for .56 GB of storage is worth obsessing over, as I have seen so many users do. If the iPad is running fine and as long as the user is not strapped for a half of gig of space, I wouldn't worry about it.


    Maybe its just me - but I don't even think about things like that - the storage space I mean. I'm not implying that the OP is obsessed about it either, and I'm sure that he is just looking for clarification and an understanding of what the "other" actually is.


    I would never think to take the time to add up all of the document and data numbers to make sure that it all adds up to what the "other" figure is. Like I said, mine is probably a bit on the high side, but the iPad is running fine, no problems or issues, so I'm not going to worry about being a little over the "standard"


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    That's true. I agree with you.


    Even if users try to cut down the size of others, they'll eventually build up as a reflection of the nature of usage conducted by the owner sometimes.


    Unless it's a ridiculous heap of others clogging up valuable space, it isn't really worth dwelling over when the iPad is working in mint condition.

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    I had 3.7GB of "others" then I downloaded iCleaner it reduced my "others" to 1.7GB so i strongly recommend it!
    P.S: If you download it make sure what items you want to clean!

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    I'm pretty sure im different, mine iPhone is 13.5gb total and my other is 6.45gbs. What would I do

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    Just try restoring your phone. My 8GB iPod had 2.5 GB taken up by 'other' and restoring it helped. Just remember to back your other stuff up first!

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    Also if you have any GPS Navigation Apps - Like Garmin, it can use 2GB or more in Documents & Data (aka OTHER) depending on the Maps and add-ons you have selected. 


    Just my .02cents

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    My "Other" column is currently taking up 5.25 GB of memory, and no matter how far back in time I restore it, it always comes back minutes later. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

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    It has now taken up 6 GB since I started deleting history/bookmarks and entire apps.

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    Don't know if it helps, but I just reduced my Other bar by 4Gb of its 5GB by opening Photos/Albums and clearing the Recently Deleted stuff that sits there for ages.