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the keychain box keeps popping up and I know my aol password but it keeps telling me it is incorrect. what do I do?

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    If the messages about not logging in mentions both Name and Password being potentially "wrong" it normally does mean the password is the one that it is having issue with.


    If it is the Names then the chances are it does not exist and you get a different messages about not finding the name.


    Can you Login here ?

    This will work for Older (Style) Apple IDs from @mac.com and those issued under MobileMe

    It WILL NOT work for iCloud Issued @me.com names


    iCloud issued @me.com names only work in iChat 6 and Messages beta as those App also do a Login to me.com that then "Allows" AIM to "See" the Password and allow you access to the AIM network.


    Try Opening the Keychain Access app in Applications/Utilities

    Find your AIM name and check the Access tab that iChat is allowed to use it.



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