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I have a 3-minute video that I've edited with iMovie HD. For this particular application, I preferred this older interface to the new iMovie (primarily because I can name the clips).


It's full HD, 1920x1080, but when I try to export using H264 compression, the video freezes after 14 seconds. (I also tried MPEG4 compression and it froze in the same spot.)


So far, the only way I've been able to export the entire 3 minutes of video is using the FULL QUALITY setting, but that uses Apple Intermediate Codec (at 1440x1080) with a "clean" aperture of 1888x1062 pixels.


I can't seem to find any expert settings to export the entire 3 minutes at full HD res.


I thought there might be a problem with the clip it freezes on, but I re-imported and re-edited the clip and it still freezes in the same place (except when I export at FULL QUALITY, of course).


I tried using a 3rd party video conversion program on the FULL QUALITY movie with size set to "original" and I got an anamorphic 1440x1080 movie.


And a quick related question....


I successfully exported an earlier version for my iPhone and iPad a few days ago. I can't remember if I exported it from iMovie or from QuickTime, but I got a 1280x720 m4v that looked great, but I can't remember how I did it. I thought it might have been "Export to Apple TV" or something like that, but for the life of me I can't remember.


Any suggestions?