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I shoot HD videos on my Nikon P100 and play them from QuickTime on my Win7 machine.  I'd like to be able to play multiple files one after another, but it seems Apple does not allow this.  For instance, if I click multiple files and then click Open, it brings up two copies of QuickTime.  It seems it can't figure out that I'd like a single QT window that would know to play the first file then the second file.  Is there a way to achieve this behavior in QuickTime for Windows?

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    Hi GTGeek88,


    I don't think QuickTime for Windows will play movies sequentially.


    Have you tried iTunes for Windows?  You can create playlists with that and they will play sequentially.



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    I have a MBP 17 with iTunes and I use that only for iTunes and synching my phone and iPad.  It used to be my primary computer and I ran a Win7 VM, but I was really unhappy with it (the machine, OSX, and the VM performance), so after a couple of years I've switched back to a Dell with Win7.  So I don't want to install iTunes on my Dell, but it's the place where I look at these videos and I really can't understand why QuickTime can't handle multiple files like Windows Media Player.  I can use WMP to play the videos and maybe that's what I should do.  On the MBP under the Win7 VM, WMP did not do a good job - I guess it didn't have the horsepower.  I guess I'll just switch off of QuickTime and see what WMP can do with the files on the new machine with the OS running on the bare metal now and having more horsepower than the MBP.  Another case of just not being real happy with the offerings from Apple.