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Is it possible to link my email from my yahoo account to iCloud?

iPhone 4S, Windows XP
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    If Yahoo provides email forwarding, you can set it up to forward mail to your iCloud account.

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    yet another reason why samsung will run over apple in a few more years.  it's reducouls that you can't check a pop or Imap though your Icloud.

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    Why? iCloud isn't supposed to be a tool for checking totally seperate email accounts. iCloud provides is own email service.


    If you have an alternate email account, check it directly. No need to go via iCloud.

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    I was unaware that Samsung was providing email services. Now, if you mean that it is RIDICULOUS (that's how you spell that btw, and I'm surprised that Samsung doesnt provide you with a basic spellcheck option) that your Samsung phone can check different email accounts and an iPhone cannot, you are dead wrong. iPhone can check ANY standards based email server that I'm aware of existing, and I've been in this game for 25 years.


    If you mean that it's ridiculous that iCloud email doesn't function in all the same ways that GMAIL functions (mind you, that has JACK CRAP to do with Samsung and your point would be completely moot [that means that the point you were trying to make no longer applies because the facts or circumstances are different from when or what you asked]), why should it? They are different email products with different kinds of users in mind. Just like Yahoo Mail offers some of those features but charges you, where IC and GM do not charge you. Or for example where IC uses open standards for its integrated calendar notes and email offerings where GM had to steal active sync from Microsoft to rip off exchange and got caught,messing up lots of people's accounts.  Or AOL for example...good luck doing any sort of clean import or export of contacts. Or Microsoft (Hotmail) who stole Apple's business model (again) by moving to a single sign on for email and the rest of their services like apps, as did google (Apple's mobile AND desktop OSapps along with email messaging and backup services using a single username and password to provide GUARANTEED VIRUS FREE applications). Or how Microsoft's tile features look exactly like AOL's interface did 20 years ago.


    Blah blah blah.


    Samsung uses Android. Do the research and you'll find out how EVERYTHING android started out with was directly stolen by google employees WHO WERE EXECUTIVES AT APPLE AND HAD DIRECT ACCESS TO THE TECHNOLOGIES THAT THEY STOLE.


    But I digress. Samsung makes phones. They don't make the most popular and most profitable mobile OS in existence. They don't make a platform that CURRENTLY gives its users to over a BILLION ready right now to use applications that are GUARANTEED to be virus free and are required to follow standards before they can be published. Samsung does not make a cloud environment that that makes your most used and most important data available to you whenever wherever you need it. Samsung does not have more than 300 stores in the world where you can walk in and someone who has been trained by Samsung, who grew up using and loving Samsung products is waiting to help you all the live long day, just you, until your issues can be reasonably solved (reasonably, this means within policy limits, you don't get a free brand new one just because you think you should have one...try that at your ford dealership and see how fast they throw you out on your ear). Those stores where they will introduce you to and teach you the basics of your device before you even leave, and with a smile because they love doing it. Samsung doesn't even make the most repairable phone on the market today (more repairable means faster easier cheaper repairs when they are needed). Samsung doesn't stick to well tested modules in their devices. Cutting edge features are great, but how do they benefit you when they crash your phone all the time because they are basically experimental parts? Samsung did not completely revolutionize computing, mobile telephones, the entire music industry, tablet computing (or create devices that 2 year olds can use...easily...or that allow autistic children to finally be able to relate to the world around them, or provide LITERALLY a VOICE to severely developmentally disabled people who can't speak but can take their iPads to McDonalds or a gillion other places and speak by using pictures), educational publishing, or scientific research. Samsung didn't INVENT the culture that allows brilliant programmers, coders, chip monkey and artists to be more casual at work, and thus more productive.


    And on and on and on and on and on.


    Yeah...Im TERRIBLY concerned that Samsung is going to "run over Apple in a few more years."


    Be honest, does it hurt when you think?

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    Yahoo only provides automatic forwarding if you pay for their enhanced mail package.