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I recently plugged in my iPhone, only to see that when the contents of the device were shown in iPhoto, there were triples, or "triplicates" of every photo (this put the total around 10,000 photos). Meanwhile, on my iPhone's Photos app, everything looks normal with only single photos being shown.


I toiled over how to remedy the problem, and found I had no other choice but to spend the MANY hours syncing thousand upon thousands of duplicate photos/videos to my iPhoto library. I then broke down and purchased Duplicate Annihilator to clean up my now ruined library. Because iPhoto made all those duplicates, the file size compounded into many gigabytes. Duplicate Annihiliator had to run for hours before finally cleaning things up. It did it's job well, however the root of the problem still remains.


At the conclusion of transferring my entire library of photos from iPhone to iPhoto, I had the photos removed from the iPhone so I could start with a clean slate. I took a few sample photos and plugged the iPhone back in to iPhoto. Yet again, the dreaded triple duplicates, or "triplicates" of each photo I took show in the device preview window (i.e. I took 5, non-HDR photos, and 15 are shown—each repeated three times). If I proceed to import the collection, it imports triple of everything into my library.


Essentially, my situation now is: I have to import multiple copies of everything (takes longer), then I have to run Duplicate Annihilator each time to keep my iPhoto library from being a mess. Just wastes tons of time. How can I keep iPhoto from showing and importing all these multiple copies every time? Again, on the iPhone end, everything looks normal—only a single copy of each photo.



What I have tried:

  • Closing/restarting iPhoto
  • Checking for iPhoto updates (there are none, I'm on the latest version—which, as of this writing, is 9.2.3 629.52)
  • Deleting com.apple.iPhoto.plist from ~/library/Preferences/
  • Using Image Capture (triple duplicates still show in IC as well)
  • Disabling Photo Stream
  • Removing all photos and albums from iPhone

iPhoto '11, Mac OS X (10.7.3)