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I just got an iPhone 4s. I am selling my old iPhone 4 to my friend. I figured i'd be a nice guy and update the phone to the latest software, and download some apps to save him the trouble, but when I open the App store I click on something thats FREE and it WILL NOT let me install the app. Like the button doesn't go from FREE to INSTALL APP. The tough screen works and there is nothing wrong with this phone what so ever. I've restored it on 5.1.1 three times, all a no go as it didn't fix the problem. I'm getting pretty frustrated as I had no issues using it as my personal phone. Any idea what is the problem? I need this to be resolved by Thursday.



iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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    Okay I found out his issue and walked him thru the solution. As it turns out his Work has WIFI for all the different techs that come in that need access to the internet for work stuff, but as it turns out it is HEAVILY tied down, and blocks all sorts of ports.


    So as a test I shut off my cellular data and connected to the WIFI and I experienced the same issue. I turned off WIFI and Cellular data back on, restarted the APP Store and Voila! I was able to download apps again. So it is a port blocking issue.


    I went a step further tho and connected my Ipad to the Wifi and I was able to download and redownload App's I purchased already so I wonder why it didn't effect the Ipad like it did the Iphone.


    Either way problem solved.

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    i have experienced the same issue and your method sorted the problem! brilliant!


    and yes, its strange that the ipad does not get affected by this issue...


    thanks again!