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My Mac Pro doesn't have bluetooth. What kind of bluetooth dongle(usb) should I get to use my Magic Mouse properly? I already have one, but it makes the mouse seriously lacking.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I use a IOGear GBU421 on my mac pro but another popular one is the D-Link DBT-120.  But I think just about any one will do.


    I do have bluetooth on my 2010 mac pro but the BT notoriously śucks on the mac pros.  For example,


    Poor Bluetooth reception and jerky mouse


    You might want to go through that thread for possible other dongle suggestions since the general solutions to the mac pro BT problem are dongles and replacing the internal BT antenna with an external antenna for those that have built-in BT.

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    I've purchases the IoGear dongle but unfortunately the mouse still doesn't respond correctly. I realised that the computer is actualy from 2009 so I guess there is no intern BT to mess things up. (the BT icon in the top navigation line gets inactive, when I pull the dongle out).

    So, now I really don´t understand what is going on.

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    I keep the dongle plugged into the back of my apple 27" monitor so that means it is only 1 to 2 feet away from the mouse.  Don't plug it into the mac pro itself if that is at any distance from the mouse.  The closer you can keep the dongle to the mouse the better.


    Do a smc and pram reset.


    If all is lost, and you have xcode installed then you can do a bluetooth factory reset.


    Note that if you should sleep your machine, power is off the usb's, so the dongle is off.  This means you cannot wake the machine with any BT devices like the mouse (I use a wired keyboard).  Also sometimes upon waking the machine the mouse does not immediately re-pair (maybe 20% of the time).  So you have to flip its switch to get the system's attention.


    While I do have internal BT, using the dongle disables the internal (at least for 2010 mac pro's).


    And of course BT would go inactive if you pulled the dongle out!

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    I simply ment it would indicate whether there is a (bad) internal BT taking ower, perhaps even when the dongle is in.


    Anyway I used an extension cord to put the BT right next to the mouse, and though it's still not perfect, it now functions much better.


    thanks a lot

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    You're welcome and good luck with the dongle.

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    Hello everyone


    I wonder if you can advice me.


    I got myself a Power Mac G5 which is bluetooth enabled but has no bluetooth antenna.


    Can I still use a magic or mighty mouse with it? OR do I need an antenna?


    Many thanks

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    Hi all!


    I've tried BT dongle MobileData UBT-210 with my iMac 5.2 on OS X 10.8 and MagicMouse works properly.

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    The Kinivo BTD-300 Bluetooth Adapter works great with Mac.