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I have a problem with some movies, the movies is recorded in Eye Tv, and saved as ATV2 m4v format, in begining of movie the audio and image is in sync, but later in movie in is out of sync. If I pause movie and start again the lag is gone, and lips-syns is OK.

Audio format is ACC 2ch.

Connected throught hubb (10/100) to mac mini C2D 1,83 mhz 2GB RAM, the iTunes (10.6.1) store is on a usb disk, System 10.6.8 server.

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    Likely an issue with the EYeTV software encode for AppleTV.


    Try using Handbrake on the recorded file (it may be hidden in a package).



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    I have another movie, exported from eyetv, also in atv2 format, no lip-sync problem with this. I have not cut away anything inside the movie, there is no commercials, just cut in the beginning and end.