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I am creating a children's ebook for iBooks and I'd like to get the following result (taken from Peppa Pig: Tiny Creatures, published on iTunes for iBooks):


The final picture ebook should have a gutter/seam in the center, 2 page spread and pages that stack when flipped.

I saw in this post that iBooks Author can't do that and we should use use Pages instead, exporting the book as an ePub to iTunes.

But how can I do this in practice with Pages? I see that Pages doesn't export the file to ePub if certain layout features are enabled and that we should follow a strict procedure to create an ePub with Pages, as described in the "ePub Best Practices".

Now, if I follow the ePub Best Practices template, I come out with a pretty dull design, good only for novels or similar.

In particular, how can I spread a picture across two pages in Pages and get that rendered by iBooks?

For example, if I want a picture to spread across 2 pages (as shown in the picture above), do I need to place the image in a "single" landscape page in Pages, and that will be spread across 2 pages when viewed in iBooks? Or should I choose a spread layout in Pages and that will be correctly picked up by iBooks, which will also add the seam effect in the middle of the book?


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    This isn't something you need to pull a lever to do in Pages. It is part of the default navigation in iBooks when a standard epub is displayed.


    As for that 'spread' image, I suspect it is actually two...left and right.


    Suggest you move to the Pages forums for details...?

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    Well as it talks about ebook here, sur more widely about epub; how do we get  an image to be displayed on the first left hand fo a book (let's say, the backcover) ? That is not that obvious when an epub is read in ibook.