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I am trying to create a script with Automator or Applescript which I would use every day, and basically it would allow me to open a link in a new window in Safari, but the link would change every day with the date of the day I am opening it.


For example:


Today (16/05/2012) the link would look like this: http://website.com/folder/name_of_the_file16052012.html


Tomorrow the link would be: http://website.com/folder/name_of_the_file17052012.html


The day after it would be: http://website.com/folder/name_of_the_file18052012.html


And so on...


My question is: Is there a way to write the script so that when opening the link ti automatically determines the date and puts it in the link? OR the other option would be for a dialog to pop up asking me the date, I would type 16052012 and that would be the final part of the link to open.


I hope I made it clear!


Thank you for your help.

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