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I've gotten one iphone 3G, two iphone 4GS and two IPADs. I just wanna know whether the IPAD chargers can charge the iphone or vice versa.

I have gotten unverified tips that iphone4/4gs/ipad are interchargable. Here they are:

If you want to charge IPAD with iphone 4S wall charger, it will take more longer and the charge will happend only in sleep mode.

If you want to charge IPHONE 4/4S with IPAD wall charger, the charger will detect it is iphone and change the output to 5V/1A from original 5.1V/2.1A. However there is no protection for IPhone 3G/3GS and the ipad charger could damage those iohones.

The iphone chargers can be shared among different genenrations.

Anyguys have more tips.