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I have a late 2011 iMac which I installed windows 7 onto. I recently had to reinstall windows and start from scratch but after doing this I'm unable to see any of my USB sticks in 'My Computer'. I have looked in the device manager and tried to use 'cmd' to assign these drives new letters but I'm unable to. Is anyone else having / had these problems and is ther a solution please,


Thanks a lot.

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    Did you install the Windows drivers from the OSX DVD?

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    Yes, I followed all the previous steps from when I first insatlled windows. Now they don't show up. I've tried assigning a drive letter using the command line and the Computer/manage/computer management/disk management. Both methods state there is an error as they can't find the specified file. the first time I used the computer mangement tool it said that my console version was out of date, even though I had ran all the windows updates, I did however have another update today but that still didnt manage to solve the problem.


    I've tried using a driver fixer from windows, but again still didn't work.

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    P.S. When I plug in the USB stick, the computer does recognise them and install a driver, it then tells me that the driver was installed correctly and is ready to use etc. but there's nothing in the computer section

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    Use the Windows installer disc to do a Repair Installation.

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    I can't do a repair install there's an error saying unable to crete folder whilst copying temp files, I've just reinstalled windows and inserted the OS X install disk, installed all the drivers and again still no USB showing in my computer and still un able to assign drive letters.

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    Then I am unable to offer any more suggestions, I would also be concerned that a repair install is not available, it should be. Try your questions in a Microsoft forum in addition to here.

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    Ok then, I'm trying to get round this error and use the windows disk for repair. I'll let you knnow how it goes and if it works. Thanks a lot for your help so far though!

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    Microsoft Fix-it center under Windows icon has possible fix for your USB problem. Double click the Pic to see detail. You can try a few others that might look to be related.



    Failing this, you could try reinstalling your Bootcamp 3.?, 4.?.  I do not mean reinstalling Windows; that would be, I guess, the last resort.