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How do I delete from Photos app my many photos which were not not produced by iPad2 5,1.1.  ? That is photos which were downloaded from digital cameras, storage on Winows7 laptop and emails. On the other hand, photos created with the iPad camera satisfactorily delete from Photos app.


Short videos received by e-mail can also be deleted.



I also have 2 scanned documents which were created by a scanner and PC and transferred into iPad2 by cable.  Somehow these two scanned items appear each in their their own album which I cannot delete. In short, non-iPad photos are my problem.


Thanks in advance

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    Photo obtained via a sync from your computer are deleted by syncing again but this time deselect those albums. Start iTunes on your computer and connect your iPad. Select your iPad in the left column of iTunes on your computer. In the right column of iTunes select Photos and then deselect the albums you want to delete. That click on Apply and Sync.


    Photos that were downloaded from a camera are in the latest import to all imported albums. Open those albums on your iPad, tap the sharing icon, select the photos to delete, then tap Delete.

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    Thanks to Ralph9430 for help so far but... iTunes started on computer.  iPad connected and selected.  Photos appears in bar at top of screen.  No right column.  Select Photos from bar but do not get offered albums to select only an offer to sync folders.


    Where do we go from here (Suffolk, England)

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    Is teach folder an album of photos?

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    I meant, "Isn't each folder and album of photos?"


    On a Mac the iTunes will use albums defined in iPhoto on the Mac. On a pc you choose one folder that contains within it folders of photos. Each folder within that main folder will be shown as an album on your iPad.

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    I had the same problem and I finaly figured it out.


    To upload pictures from your PC, you plug in your ipad to your PC and log into itune.  On left, click on your ipad name under Devices. It will open your ipad info.   Click on Photos (last tab on top right bar).  Check the Sync Photos from, then pick the folder with the pictures you want to load into your ipad.  Click Apply on bottom right. Click Sync and all the photos will load into your ipad in a new album.


    Now if you want to save some of those photos, you'll need to move them into your ipad Camera Roll. Click on the new album you loaded from your PC and pick a picture you'd like to save. On top right, click Edit. On bottom click Enhance. A yellow SAVE button will appeare on top right, click SAVE then click on Save to Camera Roll. Go back to your album and continue the process to save all the pictures you want.


    To delete all the picture, go back to itune. Uncheck Sync Photos from, then click on Remove Photos, then click Apply on bottom right.  That will remove ALL the pictures that were downloaded from your PC.


    At this point, you will only have pictures on your Camera Roll album.  To remove additional pictures, all you have to do is click on the picture and you will have a trash can on the top right which will delete the picture.


    Hope this is helpful. 

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    Thanks to ralph3490 and primamosi so far. I shall report back when I have either succeeded or hit a problem.  A stupid question for now: should iTunes be activated on iPad2 and netbook(Windows7)?

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    How did this work out?


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    Followed your instructions to delete unwanted albums by deselecting synch photos, but there was no REMOVE PHOTOS option. I'm still stuck with years of photos on my iPhone and iPad mini and they're eating up capacity.

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    Followed your instructions to delete unwanted albums by deselecting synch photos, but there was no REMOVE PHOTOS option.

    Don't deselect "sync photos" - you need to sync again, but deselect all previously synced albums or events to sync. You need to sync the photos, to remove the previously synced photos, but don't sync any new photos to your device.