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I purchased iTunes Match when it first came out.  I tried it and did not like it.  I turned it off after a few weeks.  Today I turned it back on to give it another shot after being talked into it by a friend... and it completely reverted my playlists back to the way they were months and months ago, when I turned Match off.  I have done massive library work since then and I am looking now at either restoring my library from Time Machine, or re-doing the work I've done.


WHY would turning iTunes Match on not UPDATE iTunes Match with my current iTunes status instead of restoring my iTunes to some previous point???  Suddenly I have 40 playlists back which were deleted long ago, and lots of new playlists are missing.  Playlist names have been changed.  Songs I've placed into a handful of playlists now appear in none of them.


In addition, my iPhone 4S, despite still showing 'iTunes Match' as set to OFF, has been completely rewritten with my iTunes Match library, meaning all the playlist changes I've made (synced with iTunes) over recent months are gone there as well.  What is the purpose of the "ON/OFF" switch for iTunes Match on this device if it pays no attention?????

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    This same thing happended this past Christmas. 


    in January of 2012 I got iTunes Match, wasnt happy with it, and got rid of it.

    During December of 2012 I heard the new iTunes Match was better, so I started the process of uploading my music to the cloud, but when it did this it started to revert my library to how it was almost a year ago! Any edits, playlists, just ANY CHANGE in general all back to January 2012.


    I managed to restore my previous library from a backup I had made right before I turned on iTunes Match.  So I turned off iTunes Match, and I will NEVER turn it on again....


    But now in the past month or so when I click on certain songs in my library iTunes will automatically change the info to how it was back in January 2012.  This is really frustrating, as any time I click on a song it may change, and become part of a different album, or get rid of artwork. 


    Any ideas of how to stop this, I dont want to have to manually have to edit each track after I click it to maintain the way Ive organized it.


    Apple, I have always been an iTunes lover, but after iTunes 11 getting rid of album art list view and this, I am not happy.


    Please help.

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    If you have a time machine back up, use this to restore your iTunes library .itl file. Use the one done before you signed back into match.


    Your library should be restored. If you decide to use match, I suggest that you update genius first.


    With match turned off you can now manually sync your iPhone.



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    Thanks, but I did that after the fact and recovered my pre-Match library.


    And everything was as it should be, but now when I click particular tracks their info (artists, comments, albums, etc) will automatically change back to how they were a year ago....


    EX: pre-click   -> The Beatles - Fixing a Hole - Track 5 - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - 1967

           post-click -> Beatles - Fixing a Hole - Unknown Album - 2010


    I've consolidated my library, and that didnt work.  My library at this moment is as it should be, but if I want to go browse through and listen to music it will randomly change and therefore unorganizing my music.


    Any ideas of what this is and why its doing this?

    And most importantly, HOW TO STOP IT?!?!



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    How did you make the changes to the files?



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    I can easily edit any file like one normally would by right clicking and selecting "Get Info", which I have to do constantly to keep the tracks properly titled and organized. 


    Basically if I dont click or listen to anything my library would be perfect, but if I start listening to songs, as soon as I double click them to play their info changes.


    Once I fix them though, they stay fixed, but I have like 7000+ songs, that could take forever.....