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I download a TV Show from itunes and usually as soon as it begins, it tells me that my TV Show is ready to watch and I can choose to "Play TV Show Now" or "Watch Later." I choose Play TV Show Now. Then after about 20 seconds of watching, and error message comes up with the error code -39. The download stopped and when I resume, it will download for 5 more seconds but then I get another error message with the code -50. I click the Resume button and it won't resume no matter how many times I click it. So I have to go to Music, iTunes, iTunes Media, Downloads, and delete the folder with the name of the TV Show that wouldn't work. Then i open iTunes again and Check for Downloads and it starts over downloading.


The errors only occur when I start playing the TV Show while its downloading. Its fine if I let it download.


How do I fix the errors?

iTunes, Windows 7