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Has anyone else noticed when syncing with an Exchange 2003 Active Sync connection an iOS device Contact sort settings can overwrite Outlooks setting? This is not supposed to happen, they are different devices. But the meta data in the contact is somehow altered and changes the sort order display.


i.e. John Doe is listed First, Last in Outlook on your Windows 7 system with Office 2010. Thenyou open the contact John Doe on your new iOS device. It's setting is set as sort Last, First. After the next successful Active Sync with your Exchange server you should notice the contact will be listed Last, First in Outlook! Even when the File as: First, Last option is selected from the drop down! To fix it you have to select any other option from the File as: drop down and Save and Close, then re-open the Contact and change it back to First, Last.


Just a weird issue that can be annoying if your users don't use search and can't find John Doe because he is listed as Doe, John.



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