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Last week i had my iphone stolen, but i never felt the need to make it trackable... NOW i have a new iphone, but i wont make the same mistake again... i have the icloud and mobile my and find my iphone all set up, but there is one thing i am trying to figure out:


Since all the iphone apps only work when the phone is on i am wondering if there is a way to remotely turn on the iphone if needed? I "read" online from someone that claimed to be an apple employe, that there is the possibility of sending an "important message" to the phone that would power the phone on, and that the phone always stores enough battery life so that it is able to receive those important messages (with the exception that after several warning of low batter this might not work anymore). I have not found any other mentionings of this so i wanted to get informed here. So:


Is there a way to remotely turn on my iphone 4?


And also i was wondering if there is a way for me to make my old iphone turn into a brick, not even an ipod ? i still have the MEID of the old phone but nothing else, and i already had VERIZON shut off the service and am using the same phone number on my new iphone.


I am also interested in maybe being able to remote control my iphone, i read that if i jailbreak it i could get some apps for that, but i dont feel comfortable voiding the waranty, so:


Is there another way to remotecontrol my iphone 4?


Additionally i am VERY interested in any additional security options for my phone, since i dont feel like having it taken again, and if i do i want to make sure that i am still in control of that phone.


thats a lot of questions but i hope you can help me out.



iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1