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I initially tried the normal  System Preferences/ Users and Groups approach, unlocked the window, entered my existing password, entered my new password twice...got this...obviously I have edited the image to remove my name...




I AM the system administrator  :-)


Recovery mode using Lion results in a very similar message, a box pops up, etc. No go.


So I try to reset the Admin password to have a new Admin login which results in the "starting a new machine" screens, etc., so I can then change MY password, etc using this...


Boot single user and enter   rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone


But the system reports it cannot find the file or directory.


So I login as Administrator (I have this password) and using the GUI, the option to change MY password is not showing.


So I login as root (I also have this password) and using the GUI, again, there is no option to change MY password.


As I upgraded/App Store via the network I do not have a disk to boot from.


I do have Time Machine backups, so the notion of restoring Apps and personal files and folders after a complete reinstall is not that hideous, though I have better things to do like most of you. But really, isn't there a way for me to change my password using the GUI?


A bit clearly got flipped. Any gurus with an assist?


Anyone else seen this?





MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), cannot change my password, ever