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I made my site in iWeb after upgrading to LION


I bought my domain name and published my site to the iPage hosting service


my site should appear at www.positivelyproudtobeme.com  However, what shows up when I go to that URL is a blank white screen or a redirect page saying the site hasn't been created yet.


When I log into my ipage account directly, I can see the pages on preview, but can't get them to publish.


Can anyone help? Please!



iWeb '08
  • Roddy Level 6 (17,265 points)

    I wonder if you have uploaded the files to the correct location?


    Have a look at the publishing settings examples on this page...



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    Hi!  I'm also having the issue.  I have a small site and I'm publishing through Iweb to Ipage. 


    When I publish, all the files upload but when I go to the site, katlemons.com, the welcome page doesn't come up.  I read on the link you posted above that it's supposed to upload the folder with the files and then an index.htm file to direct you to your website's welcome page.  It doesn't seem like that is happening. 


    When I go to cyberduck, the folder from my iweb site is there in the directory / and so is an index.htm file, but for some reason My site is blank if I go to www.katlemons.com


    I've tried leaving the directory blank and also putting in / and  either way the folder still uploads to the same place.


    Sincce I update my site regularly, I don't want to have to use cyberduck.  I really want to be able to publish through iweb.


    Any ideas?



  • Roddy Level 6 (17,265 points)

    The index.html file you have in your root folder is - more or less - blank. You need to upload a new copy. Try publishing the who;e site again using the iWeb FTP.


    The external index.html file is slightly different to the one inside the website folder.


    Your index.html ...





    What it should look llike...


    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"


    <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">



    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=URL to the home page">





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    Hi Thanks for getting back to me.  I republished again.  There are 2 index.htm files.  One in the / directory and one in the folder for my iweb site (I called it lemons).  Which one is it that the site should go to automatically? 


    The on INSIDE my lemons folder isn't a file I created, so I'm not sure how it got there.  It's a page that brings up advertisements.  See here    http://katlemons.com/lemons/index.htm.


    Do I need both these index files? 


    Thanks again for the help!

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (74,010 points)



    This is producing what should be a 'file not found' page except that all the information is in a script in the head and it displays blank - presumably this has been provided by the hosting service in lieu of a file. The index file at root level consists of the opening and closing HTML tags and nothing else.


    What should be there is the index file at root level redirecting to the home page in the 'lemons' folder, and the index file in the 'lemons' folder redirecting to the home page (so that in each case you only need the domain name, or the domain and folder names). The actual home page title is set in iWeb - often it's something like 'Welcome.html' though that isn't there. perhaps it's something else? - however it rather looks as if you are not publishing correctly. Look in the instructions for the hosting service: are you supposed to include something like 'htdocs' or 'webspace' in the path? I had an issue with a different service where the webspace was a directory within the root one, and it was possible to publish to the root level by accident, where it wouldn't appear online.