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I found a pile of old floppies and my old superdisk SD-USB-M.

I'd really like to salvage what data from them that I can.


The driver that I need for it to even POSSIBLY work with OS X is no longer supported/supplied by Imation.


Anyone out there able to help me?

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    By "floppies," do you mean 1.44 MB floppy disks or are you referring to 120 MB SuperDisks?  If the former, do you know anyone who has a USB floppy disk drive?  Otherwise, have you tried any of the third-party web sites hosting software downloads, like CNET?  Do you have an older PowerPC processor Mac or a newer model with an Intel processor?  What version of OS X is it running?  Have you tried connecting the SuperDisk drive, to see if inserted disks mount on the desktop?

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    Your USB Superdisk shouldn't need any drivers in OSX.  Mine plugs in fine to a Mac Mini running 10.6.8 and is recognizeable as a normal drive.  If you have SuperDrisk or 1.44MB floppies, they will work fine in your SuperDisk drive.  If they're older 800k or 400k disks, they won't be readable in that drive.  You'd need to find a friend with an older Mac with a built-in floppy or use professional services like RetroFloppy.


    My favorite quote from the back of a SuperDisk: "Soon you'll see SuperDisk Drives built into desktop PCs, notebooks, external drives - everywhere.  It's the technology with staying power."  Or not.

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    "Soon you'll see SuperDisk Drives built into desktop PCs, notebooks, external drives - everywhere.  It's the technology with staying power."


    My Compaq Presario 5020 shipped with an Imation SuperDisk Drive, instead of the standard FDD.  It was more versatile than Iomega's Zip drive, in that it could read standard floppy disks - but Iomega eventually won the competition for market share.  The initial 100 MB Zip disks were 20 MBs shy of Imation's 120 MB SuperDisks, but they followed it with 250 MB Zip drives/disks, and eventually - the 750 MB drives/disks.  Unfortunately for Iomega, CD burners were gaining popularity over the sometimes-problematic Zip drives and their "Click Death" design flaw.  USB flash drives were also fast-becoming a less expensive means to store/transfer data.  Because the technology evolved the way it did, Imation threw in the towel, as Iomega finally did.  It's unfortunate that Imation has dropped support for its legacy products in terms of downloadable drivers, but the move may have been based on a lack of interest and/or need for such.


    MMy Compaq Pres

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    If necessary, could possibly something like the Wayback Machine be used in order to locate old drivers?



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    Jan -


    Imation stopped driver development on OS9.  So no need, as SalemJess was looking for OSX.  It should just work.

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    I still have one...but i live in Belgium

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    After reading this I am going to dust off my SuperDisk that was for my BondiblueiMac in 1998 to see if it will work for

    17" iMac Intel A4 (2006) OS10.6.8.  Wondering if it will work?  Thought this was computer junk?  Wonder how many people have thrown them away?


    According to this link http://www.cnet.com/news/superdisk-compatibility-with-mac-os-x/:

    Ronald Leroux spotted the following statement from Imation on Apple's Discussion Boards regarding compatibility of their SuperDisk drive with Mac OS X:  The drive will work in OS X only if your drive's model is SD-USB-U2, SD-USB-U3, SD-USB-M2, or SD-USB-M3. If you have one of these models installed you do not need to install any drivers for the drive because OS X has native support

    If you did an upgrade to OS X you have to make sure you remove the drivers before the drive will work.

    If the model of your drive is SD-USB-M, the drive will not work in OS X.

    Currently we are looking to the solution for this problem.

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    I run a SuperDisk with OSX 10.6.8 on an Intel iMac.  No reason why it wouldn't work on your 17" (I also have one of those lampshade machines, but I don't hook the SuperDisk to it).


    "Junk" is in the eye of the beholder.  But you can be sure that no one is "looking for a solution to this problem" any more.