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Not happy about this.


Wife was on ipad 3 playing around and clicked the update for 5.1.1, she said it never prompted to backup  and now the ipad is requiring a restore.  The big deal is the large number of photos & albums on it.  Albums and RAW files are not backed up via Photo Stream, far as I know game save data isn't either.  So to me requiring a restore and not indicating that requirement (or possibility of it) is flawed.  At least when Windows fails to update I can F8 and fix it.


My question: is there any software out there to pull files off this brick? Else does some of this 'jailbreaking' software provide a means to get at the files without wiping it? 


P.S. I don't support jailbreaking nor do I want to go that route really, but if its an option absolutely.  I'm a developer so give me a technical answer.

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    It shouldn't require a restore. In fact I just updated my iPad, iPhone, iPod touch OTA and it worked out just fine. So something must have gone really wrong that i've never heard about. Enough with that being said, you could try iExplorer. It's a free Mac application and it works wonerfully. What it does is it allows you to access the files of the iOS device (without jailbreaking, Woo Hoo!), but you probably don't want to mess in there unless you know what you are doing (which I suppose you would know since you are a developer). Hope it helps!!

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    I wouldn't have thought so either.  I've never had upgrade problems with apple products, and I'm not one for having a bunch of apps or strange software on my devices either.


    The iexplorer is pretty awesome, but it can't see my ipad, works great on my iphone : /


    Thanks for the good suggestion!

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    WIN.  The recboot software allowed me to bypass the recover mode and get it synced!