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Not happy about this.


Wife was on ipad 3 playing around and clicked the update for 5.1.1, she said it never prompted to backup  and now the ipad is requiring a restore.  The big deal is the large number of photos & albums on it.  Albums and RAW files are not backed up via Photo Stream, far as I know game save data isn't either.  So to me requiring a restore and not indicating that requirement (or possibility of it) is flawed.  At least when Windows fails to update I can F8 and fix it.


My question: is there any software out there to pull files off this brick? Else does some of this 'jailbreaking' software provide a means to get at the files without wiping it? 


P.S. I don't support jailbreaking nor do I want to go that route really, but if its an option absolutely.  I'm a developer so give me a technical answer.

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