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I have a 27" iMac with a 3.1 i5 processor (Lion OS) and a iPhone.  My wife hates the idea of having a cell phone but i would love to be able to message her through the day when the new oporating system comes out.  My problem is I don't want to remove my icloud account from my Mac.  I like that it syncs my contacts among other things from my phone to the computer.  It would be nice to have another account for my wife especially if she changes her mind about wanting a phone.  If there is a solution please let me know so I can either make changes now or be excited about the new OS.

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    I'm not sure if there is any limit to the amount of iCloud accounts that one can have on a computer. However you certainly can have a number of secondary accounts although the secondary account does not have all the features of a primary account. For example it doesn't include photo stream, find my phone, Back to My Mac or document syncing, it does however let you sync contacts, calendars and mail.


    The ideal solution would be to have a second user account on the computer and each user account have a different primary iCloud account.