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    Here is another thing to try if you have another iOS device.  Teh Tech Support guy at Missing Sync says that he has never had a sync problem, but he has always synced with his iPod Touch.  I set up a hard sync with my iPad (like described below) to see if it will ward off the sync demons that Apple has put in this latest update.


    The last workaround that has been reported to work will only work if you have an iOS device which would be an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. What you're going to do is:

    1. Connect that device to your computer
    2. In iTunes, click on the device in the left hand side of the app
    3. Click the INFO tab
    4. Check the box to sync Calendars. If you don't want all of your calendars to sync with the iOS device, then create a calendar in iCal called 'temp' or 'bogus' and set it to sync in iTunes
    5. Sync the device

    When the sync is complete, it is reported that the sync between iCal and Sync Services is restored. Its possible that you can delete the 'temp' or 'bogus' calendar now, but its just as safe to leave it enabled.

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    I'm seeing same thing I can delete cache but any time I try to then update ical update is not pushed to device.  Another fix ... needed.

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    I escalated to a senior tech with Apple phone support, who said it's the responsibility of 3rd party vendors to work with Apple software. Suggested I call Blackberry. He did say that if it worked with 10.7.3, downgrading back to that might work. He has no idea whether upgrading to Mountain Lion would fix it -- has anyone tried?

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    I was told the same thing. That's when RIM got on the line with them and showed them that it was iCal that was broken. The BlackBerry desktop software was doing its job, Apple tried to punk it off on BB. The BB support guy was awesome and it was kind of sad that he knew more Apple OSX then the Apple Support guy.


    The BB support guy verified that the OSX 10.8 update does fix the issue.

    Which leads me to say that BB support was right all along.

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    Well, I'm going to declare victory here, and hope I don't have to eat my words. Blackberry tech support at 877-255-2377 took 45 minutes to get me to a tech, but he solved it.

       I don't know whether this part matters, but for the record: before calling tech support I followed the directions in Apple's "Advanced troubleshooting" guide to sync services --

       I tried a sync again and it froze, so I had to force-quit BB Desktop.

        I backed up the Mac Address Book and iCal. I backed up the Blackberry. The biggest problem was my calendar. It had not been working both ways for a while, so only the Blackberry calendar was up to date. I deleted all calendars on iCal, then created a new blank calendar.

        Then I called Blackberry support. The guy told me to go to the Device menu on BB Desktop, choose "Forget Device," and repeat until all devices were gone.

        Then, with Blackberry Desktop still running, I plugged in the Blackberry. I told it to sync two-way, all events, and default calendar for new device entries was the new, empty iCal calendar I had created. The first sync took maybe 45 minutes with a few thousand calendar events, but it worked. Changes on either side now propagate properly.

       I had a couple of false starts, and the first sync on my computer takes a LONG time. So I commend Blackberry support for staying with me. He twice said he would call back in half an hour to check progress, and both times he did it.

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    Hi Appleboi13,


    You mentioned that "The BB support guy verified that the OSX 10.8 update does fix the issue."  Has this update come through yet?  Have you seen the problem resolved after this update?



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    If you use a BB, and have migrated from MobileMe to iCloud, BB DM freaks out with iCal and says there are no writable calendars, or cannot sync right?


    Back up iCal calendars (they're probably listed as on iCloud instead of On My Mac)

    Delete all iCloud calendars in iCal and make new blank calendars as being On My Mac and rename as needed.

    Sign out of MobileMe and remove references to it in Preferences.

    Do the same for iCloud but remember to keep contacts on the Mac.

    Open iCal and import calendars into new blank ones you just made using backups from the first step.

    Make sure iCal and BB DM are closed.

    Open terminal and use the following: /System/Library/Frameworks/SyncServices.framework/Versions/A/Resources/resetsync .pl full



    Close Terminal and reboot; open iCal to make sure events exist, then open BB DM. The ability to sync calendars should be restored at this point.


    No, you can't use iCloud with BB, so count your change and get an iPhone.



    Here is link that I found info on:





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    I have spent countless hours with both Apple and RIM trying to resolve the issue..and am frustrated beyond holy ****.


    Previously i have used paralles to run windows and outlook on my MBP.    I upgradedto Mountain Lion and decided to use Calendar (formerly iCAl) with soley, with no success.  


    Apple has responded to me that it is a third party software issue.   RIM says it is a Apple issue.   Either way, the consumer is screwed.  As the Apple tech told me, switch to iPhone and you will not have these issues.  I advised him I did not spend over 2K on my system to be pigeoned holed into using apple products only.  


    Here are results I have found out:

    • iCal has been renamed in Mountain Lion to Calendar.  When the RIM software is searching to sync, it is searching for iCAl, and not Calendars, causing the sync to often time out.
    • Rim claims that syncservices does not work.  I had sent a screen shot (supplied by RIM) to apple showing that syncservices never synced my calndar---and was told that it was a RIM issue
    • When the device is first attached and sync is done, it took over 2-3 hours to perform.  In my particular case, BB was pulling data from iCloud and duplicating it.
    • If you reset sync services, the BB software can no longer locate the calendar and will send a warning message stating there are no writable calendars for syncing.
    • I have already repartioned my drive and reinstalled both the operating system and RIM short an intial sync may be performed from data in the Calender cache, if lucky


    If anyone can find a solution, or aware of a way to sync..would def appreciate it.....FRUSTRATED and ANGRY

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    Thank so much although it creates duplicate entries in my calendars (devices and Mac) it finally sync my precious calendar



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