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Closing an application used to be simple:

Right click on the dock icon > then > "Quit"

Or menu bar > app name > "Quit ___"


But recently I discovered, after checking in the Activity Monitor app, that some apps just will retire its icon from the Dock, but they will still be running in the background actively consuming resourses (real mem, % CPU, CPU Time, etc.)


I have noticed that this can happen with other apps.

(So far) these others are: iTunes, iPhoto, iCal, AddressBook, QuickTime.


I need help to fix this problem.


It is disturbing to think that every time I have to close an app, I have to do it by using the "Quit Process" in the Activity Monitor utility.


Thank you very much for your help!




Either the app is set to keep the icon in the dock or not, after closing the app, the icon's light indicator turns of or the icon removes itself from the dock acordingly, but the app will remaing running in the background.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)