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Dear Community ,


I am having trouble with my MacBook Pro Early 2011 and I am extremely concerned because I love my Mac and I really do not want to replace it with another product.

The issue I am experiencing is overheating which causes fans to work extremely noisy:

Using Mac OS X Version 10.7.4.


Right Fan : 5485rpm

Left Fan   : 5511rpm


HD :                38*

CPU :              85

CPU Heatsink : 53*

Enclosure Base 1 , 2 , 3 - 32* , 32* , 30 *

GPU    :           63*

GPU Diode :     74*


At that time , the only application which was working was Skype ( Video Call ) , however I have noticed that the fans act the same way when I play movies or surf the net on flash based websites like YouTube. I browsed the web and search for solutions , tried resseting my PRAM as well as SMC but sadly the problem still persists.


I went to the Genius Bar 3 months ago and they told me that the problem I am experiencing was because of my additional RAM ( 2 x 2 GB total 8GB ) , kindly asked me to replace it with a new one. I bought 2x 2GB from Crucial , still it was not because of the RAM.


I thought that the problem comes from my OS  X so I unistalled Mac OS X and even installed Windows 7 to see if the problem persists on a different operation system. What I noticed was that the fans poped right after I switched to Windows 7 resulting in constant fan noise while working on Windows 7 without any programs running in background.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Overheating / Fan noise
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    It has been my experience that these temperatures and fan speeds are not unusual when displaying video material such as you describe.



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    Thank you for the reply ,

    The noise that emits from the fans isn't really normal for a powerful MacBook like mine. I have noticed that the users of other competitive laptops , less or much more powerful , do not experience the same issues as well as Mac owners.

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    As CT says, for what you are doing the readings are not out of line.  Skype is a known resource hog as well as Windows.  Your friends MBPs may not be using similar applications at the time that you have heard them.  If you are still concerned, take it to an Apple store for an examination.  The odds are it will get a clean bill of health (based upon what you have said).  If you wish, you can run an Apple Hardware Test to see if it picks up and problems.



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    how do u find that info i want to know how

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    What info?

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    Nothing is wrong. Your fans speed up as the CPU and GPU temperatures increase, and they will always increase dramatically when you are video calling with Skype. Your MBP will shut down before it overheats. It is not close to overheating at the temps you report.

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    Thank you for the replies guys ,

    I just like to note that during the first 2 months after its purchase it really worked flawlessly.


    I am concerned because it makes so much noise and might collapse in couple of days. The noise from the fans is really disturbing like the system is using all its power.

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    in the picture

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    Had the same problem here. So annoying!!!

    I right clicked and shut down all the programs as you said you did..

    Like mail and stuff and it seemed to help a little but still fan ran if ANY video was playing.

    My macbook is no slouch either so this seemed like it wasnt right.

    After looking through the activity monitor and shutting down virtually everything running I noticed that Google Chrome (My default browser) was using double the process and threads that safari used even at idle.

    I now keep it shut off at all times.I havent heard the fan since. I've been told that theres no way that was the problem but i'm just telling you the facts.I hope this helps you (maybe even just a little) in getting closer to stopping this really unfair problem. Maybe some simple duster through the fan might help too?

    (bet you already did that)

    good luck!!! Kevin

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    This is an interesting post.  I was having the same problem with the same hardware.  My MBPro was getting so hot, I was worried about leaving it on and the fan noise was driving me crazy.


    I just installed the latest OS update and no more problem.  My MBPro is runjing cool and silent.  Unfortunately I didn't review the details of the update so don't know if this was one of the fixes.


    Anyone else notice an improvement since the last OS update?

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    I have this problem too on my new MacBook Pro (purchased new in July 2012). I'm running dual external monitor with the "plugable USB 2.0 Display Adapter" though. I don't know if this is related. It seems that the fan noise will be really loud when I'm booting into Windows 7 (I'm running bootcamp), since in Windows 7 I can't enable the clamshell mode. If I boot into Mac OSX 10.7.4, and enable the clamshell mode, it seems that it does reduce the fan noise.. does this make sense? Is there a way for me to enable clamshell mode while I'm using Windows 7 on my MacBook Pro? Many thanks!

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    Mine had the same problem. I also have a Macbook Pro Early 2011. It's a great computer, but occasionally the fan is really noisy and hot. I had the problem once and reset the SMC by pressing Shift-Control-Option and power button at the same time, then turning on the computer again; that did the trick. But another time, I tried doing that and it didn't work. Turns out, an application called Dropbox was uploading/downloading/syncing massive amounts of info. When I paused the syncing, the computer went right back to its quiet old self. Try looking for applications that are syncing or downloading things in the background. If you upload it little by little, you should no longer have this problem. Otherwise, I strongly recommend trying the SMC reset.



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    I have the same issue even after updating to Mavericks - I am thinking about to buy one of these Lonovo Thinks Pads which might be quiet.