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Hello I need help on something, I just bought a geforce gtx 285 for mac, I got it however I dont manage to get it to work under lion, here is what I did:

1. I did a clean install of Lion, installed the drivers of the card from nvidia page (right drivers) however then after I change the card and I turn on the computer, the computer gets frozen after 2 minutes, with the scrolling whell also frozen.

2. I did an installation of Snow Leopard, got the card to work, installed, I then upgraded to Lion however I got the same result.

I dont know if I got the right card or is a pc gtx 285 "made" to work on a mac. The card is a GTX 285 BFG edition. It does not say "MAC EDITION" however it worked on snow leopard.

Can anyone help me on this?


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