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My book contains small images of restaurant's locations on maps, that allow the user to click on them, which links out to the iPad's Maps app.  This allows the user to see the location in an interactive way, get directions, etc.  Based on the tools available to us, this seemed like by far the best user experience.


However, I just found my book to be rejected for the following reason:


"May 16, 2012. From Apple.

- Maps for restaurant addresses should be embedded in the ebook. It is not functioning without internet connection."


As far as I know, there is no way to embed maps in an iBooks Author book.  The only possible way, I think, is to use a dashcode widget.  However, for that map to be interactive, it would still require an internet connection, thus not addressing Apple's issue.


Does anyone know of another way to embed maps that I am missing?


Thanks so much.