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Hello everyone,


I have an iphone 4s running on 5.1 iOs and this morning i've changed my passcode and save it when suddenly i've tried to unlock my phone using my new password but it keep saying wrong passcode and im sure 100% that i've entered the correct passcode and i've tried also to enter my old passcode but still the same.

Now my iphone is disabled and it say that i must connect it to itunes...to do a restore or a recovery.

But my problem is that im afraid that when i do a restore all my apps and contacts will be wiped and i dont want that,( i have a backup on my itunes )

Just asking if i could do a restore or recover my iphone without  loosing my apps cause all my apps are paid apps and they cost around 500$??

I've read many tutorials about that saying to put the iphone in DFU mode and recover it then syncing back the apps.....But im afraid that when i recover my iphone my apps on iTunes will be wiped too???


Please i appreciate any help or suggestions from anyone!!


P.S i dont care of loosing my textmessages or my mails i just care about my apps and contacts


Thank you.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    Thank you wjosten for your feedback but i want to know and to be sure that if i put my iphone in DFU mode and restore my phone can i resync  my apps in itunes to the iphone??

    (Will my apps on iTunes will be wiped too when recovering?)

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    After you restore as new, sync your content back to your phone. Restoring as new has no affect on your iTunes library.


    For future reference, next time you put a passcode on your phone, immediatelly sync. iTunes will prompt you for the passcode. Once you do that, should you ever forget your passcode, you can then restore from backup, using the same computer, without having to enter the passcode. The restore from backup will remove the passcode.