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Lately, I've been adding plugin upgrades in Logic 9 trying to get everything to 64 bit. I updated my Waves plugins to 64 bit but they didn't work in Logic for some reason (they were still at 32 bit after the update). To make a long story short, my Mac Pro is running in 32 bit mode and is unable to switch to 64 bit because of the EFI firmware on the Mac Pro model that I have. Does anybody know how to upgrade the EFI firmware on my Mac Pro? This may not be the right forum for this question but I'd certainly apprecitate any help.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 12 Gigs RAM
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    64-bit Logic does not require the Mac kernel to be running at 64 bit to have full access to the 64-bit OS.


    Under "Get Info" for the Logic app you have Logic running in 64-bits, correct?




    If you are already using Logic in 64-bit mode try this:


    Using "get info" set Logic to open in 32 bit, Let it validate all the plugins, close Logic, set it back to opening in 64-bit.



    I doubt if there is or will be any EFI updates for older machines.

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    Thank you, that was the first thing that I tried and it didn't work (normally it would). I also tried holding down 4 6 as I booted up and that failed too. I wondering how others are fairing with the Waves 64 bit upgrade in Logic w/ a slightly older Mac Pro?

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    Yeah, judging from your first post I thought you had probably tried it... odd that Waves requires the 64-bit Kernel, I wonder if it has to do with their copy protection?