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My computer was full so I moved my iTunes media folder to a 3T time capsule following the 15 steps from the article ïTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Media Folder", everything went smoothly, no problems when I reopened iTunes, tested on  a song, a tv episode and a movie to make sure I could watch them and no ! symbol or warning appeard. Afterwards, I downloaded an episode from the iTunes store and when I tried to watch it appears a warning "THIS MOVIE REQUIRES QUICKTIME WICH IS NOT SUPPORTED BY THIS VERSION OF ITUNES", I checked iTunes version (10.6.1) and Quicktime (no updates available)......What am I missing?, apparently I have the files where I'm supposed, I even read the iLounge article (very good by the way) and everything looks right, so now I don't know what is wrong!     PLEASE, HELP ME!