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Can anyone offer any useful tips or guidance as it applies to possible ways to package and push the ever present Microsoft Office 2011 updates to machines using ARD or any other tool? Casper Suite is not an option right now.  Thanks.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Simply go to Mactopia.com Downloads and download the update(s).  When you open the .dmg,  put the package on your desktop.  Then use ARD to install the package on as many systems as you need.  Microsoft has already created the package for you.


    Mactopia actually resolves to:



    Be aware that to properly install the update you must have all Office programs and all browsers closed on the client system before you start to remotely install the update.

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    Joe - Doing something wrong - can you help?  ARD won't accetpt the "Office2011-1420UpdateEN.dmg" file.  Select to install or drag-n-drop.


    When opening dmg file "Office2011-1420UpdateEN.dmg", I'm presented with thisInstaller.jpg


    If I right-Click the update to "Show Package contents" I get this:

    Shpw Package Contents.jpg


    If I open the "Packages" folder, I get this:



    Any ideas?  Thanks.

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    Save the .dmg file.  Once the download completes and you click on the downloaded file to open the .dmg, you get the Microsoft folder you have shown (that is the grey folder with the green arrow).  Do not open this Microsoft folder but just Drag this folder from the opened .dmg folder to your desktop.  That will put it on the desktop.  Don't worry about the other folders you shown (.ds store and .icns)  Those are normally hidden folders and don't even appear unless you have set the view to show hidden folders.  For our purposes here they don't mean a thing. 


    Then open your ARD and highlight the computer(s) you want to install the update on.  Once they are highlighted, click on the "Install" button (it is the cardboard box looking icon on the menu bar).  When the window opens, drag the Microsoft icon from your desktop into the "Packages" area in the upper part of the opened window.  The Microsoft folder IS the package file you will be installing. Microsoft simply used their icon instead of the Apple Cardboard Box icon.  That MS folder should not be opened by you. 


    Then tell ARD to install it by clicking on the "Install"  button in the lower right side of the Install window.


    Note that you could drag the Microsoft folder directly from the opened .dmg folder to the install packages area if you are only doing a few computers and do not need to have the Microsoft package easily available for multiple installs.


    LATE ADDITION:  You must have admin privlieges on the account that you are using on the client system when installing the update. 


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    Jeez Who Knew!?  YOU!!  AWESOME.  Will run a test install now.

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    Just for the benefit of others, it's working fine (now).  It hung when I specified the job for our Task Server so I killed that process and ran it directly from my machine.