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I'm trying to create an infinity effect with my background layers and have no idea how to do it. My animation is reasonably simple...a camera tracks into a text layer. I have placed two gradient layers in the background as a floor and a wall. The floor has a rotation of 0 degrees and the wall is minus 90. My problem is that where both layers join there is a dark line and I want it to appear seamless. Does anyone know a way around this?Untitled 2.jpg

Final Cut Pro 7, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Everything I tried left a fairly defined horizon line, except for one:


    Use the same gradient for the floor as you did for the back, and reverse it's order so that the two edges match at the same color (you can manipulate the floor gradient afterwards to change in the direction of the viewer.)


    Easiest thing to do is create the back wall; create the gradient effect. Set the Anchor Point at the bottom edge. Duplicate the wall. Rotate the floor 90 degrees on X. Position in space; scale accordingly.


    Go back into the floor shape gradient and change as needed – anything but the edge color that contacts the back.


    You can't use a light. So fake one. You can add an oval shape behind the main subject - large feather value - a color blend mode like Add (turn down opacity to taste.) You can use a Reflection on the floor.


    The effect will be seemless... but also a lot more work achieving a balance.