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How can I add a map such as those in Google Maps to my contacts in Address Book?

It sure would be handy in a big city.


If not can someone create one?

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    Like what? Where you tap the address for a contact and it takes you to a map view with the address marked? It is already incorporated into the address book, try it. Also, if you enter the contact's name in the Map app location search, it will find their address. Of course this presupposes that you have the address for the contact.

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    Not sure, but perhaps what you're asking is how to map all of your contacts in address book in, for example, goolge maps. This is what I have been looking for these past 10 years and just researched again after giving up a few years ago.  Found www.batchgeo.com and it worked! I exported my entire address book to a csv file using abc2csv ($.99 in appstore), dragged the resulting csv file to a Numbers spreadsheet, edited (deleted) some rows and columns I didn't need, highlighted all, and copied to batchgeo.com's service. wala!  Some 10 minutes later I have my map of contacts, very nicely mapped by the way, terrific interface with clustering of dense contacts in a partiular area such as cities where I know lots of people.  To make this useful on the go they have an iOS app which can access these pre-built maps, but I haven't tested yet.  I add 10-20 contacts a week to my address book and I haven't automated the creation of a clean spreadsheet import of my address book's exported csv file yet.


    There are some iOS apps that claim to the same thing on the fly. I've tried "Map for Contacts" for iPhone and iPad and have found it untenable, like one reviewer mentioned in his rating comment, I have over 2,000 contacts and it took way too long to update.  There is also "AB Contact Map" in the iTunes app store which I haven't tried yet because one rating comment mentions it doesn't work on the iPhone 4S yet.