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Okay, so I have a website that was started in iWeb and then exported to FTP.

My client asked me to install a slider for her images and I did.

Only problem is, now the navbar is broken and I can't get it to come back, even though the relevant code is the same as the other iWeb pages.

Here's the page in question : http://www.nicoledemeo.com/HomeTest.html

and here's a page with the navbar still working: http://www.nicoledemeo.com/Experience.html

I'm worried one of my javascripts is interferring with the nav javascript, but I don't know enough to untangle them.

Can anyone help with a workaround? Everything else is good, I just need the nav bar back.


Also, if anyone could help with how to duplicate iWeb's rounded corner effect on the news feed, that would be awesome!


thanks so much!

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