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    Here is a recent update from my contact with yahoo (as of 5/29/12):


    Hello ,


    Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Mail.


    I appreciate your reply. I would like to reassure you that our engineering team is investigating this issue and we are doing our best to have a resolution in place as soon as possible. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer you an estimate as to when this issue will be resolved.

    We appreciate your patience and thank you for reporting this to us. Your input notifies us of current issues our customers are experiencing along with helping us to identify areas for product and service improvements.

    If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us again, and we'll be glad to help.


    Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Mail.




    Not much help!!!

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    +1 for having the exact same issue with Push mail on Yahoo. I've no idea whether the problem lies with Apple or Yahoo though, could be conincidental that the issue might have started to occur around the time of the iOS 5.1.1 update.


    I don't fully understand how push mail actually works, but from my observations, it seems to me as if the phone believes Push mail is available and working correctly. My reasoning behind this is the statement in iPhone settings that the fetch schedule is used when push is off or unsupported. My assumption was that if Push was not working for some reason, the phone would revert to using the fetch schedule for that account instead??? I've found however, that my phone was only displaying emails if I opened the Mail app manually, only then would it download any new mails, clearly indicating that the fetch schedule was not being used. This made me think that as for as the software on the phone was concerned, a push connection was established for the account(don't know if a constant or intermittant connection to a push server is required, as I say, not sure how it works).


    Anyway, in order to get my mails to appear in notification centre, I have had to delve into the settings further into the Advanced section within Mail settings and "Fetch New Data" to set my Yahoo account to "Fetch" whilst leaving iCloud set to "push". iCloud notifications still work fine then, and at least I get my emails from Yahoo on a fairly regular basis.

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    Even a kid and an imbecile can say "wrong"  but can they give reasons backing why they say "wrong"? LOL Well on my phone the phone behaves exactly the same to me when I either set the mail settings of both email accounts to "push" or "fetch". It delivers mail automatically to my account without me needing to update the account manually and sends the email notifications to my locked screen. I have set my email settings to both "push" or "fetch" and that's what the phone does.

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    Already answered.


    Even a mental midget should know the difference between an email notification and push/fetch access. There is no email notification until an email is received. Push and Fetch are not the same. #clueless

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    Not answered if you read my second post which asks about the PRACTICAL difference to the phone user in terms of how the phone treats the emails in the way the phone operates vis a vis the user. And in asking that question I have provided the fact how my phone and my email accounts behaves just the same if they were set to fetch or push.  There is nothing that contradicts this fact yet so far. And there must be a few mental midgets here. LOL


    I think it must be a Texas thing. Do you know the idiot son of Saddam Hussein? It is Saddam W. Hussein. Maybe I am dealing with Allan W. Sampson? LOL


    "Uncle Sab"

    (He overrules God being God's Uncle and all)

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    I'll give you a practical example:


    I am working with a number of people on a grant project. After a meeting today emails were being sent that I needed to immediatly see and respond to. So let's say this exchange is with Patsy, Chris and I. Chris sends and email to Patsy and I. I respond with a question that I need the answer to ASAP. Now if I have Push mail (I do with an iCloud account) as soon as Chris responds and it goes through the chaotic internet email system it will alert me (vibrate in this case and show 1 additional email on the badge, plus I have notificiations on and can see the header of the email.


    If I was set to Fetch every 15 minutes and Chris send her response one minute after my iPhone had tried to fetch new mail then I would have to wait 14 minutes until I saw her response. Or I could open the mail every minute or so which would cause it to manually fetch until I hit upon the time that here email came back.


    Push is far more convenient and in this case crucial to me.

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    That was very good. Clear as crystal now. You obviously understood what I was seeking from my post unlike Dubya. LOL Thanks for your clarification and your superior explanation skills. One less mental midget in the world is a good thing. On the other hand you just demonstrated an old saying: "no such thing as bad students, just bad teachers!". Great stuff!

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    someone doesn't understand the meaning of "practical example". Ain't that right Dubya? LOL

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    Clueless idiot.

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    Please keep the discussion to the original topic.  This is a community forum to help others.

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    Im also noticing this issue , happend right when i updated to 5.1.1 my Yahoo will no longer be fetched/pushed automaticly , When i was on 5.0.1 i was not having this issue

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    I'm facing the same problem.


    Usually, reset the system gets the push notifications back....but...after somedays, it goes off again.


    At the begginging a thought it was due to a conflict my IMAP account in the mac mail. But nowadays i think its a bug of the system...