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old G5 (ver. 7,3) running 10.5.8 OS and want to add airport extreme card. purchased A1026 card, installed and attached attenae cable and external ant, but the profiler shows "no info" under aiport. am i missing something obvious?

Power Mac G5, 1.5 Gb Ram, Dual 1.8 GHz, superdrive
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    Try remove and reinsert your card. You can try reset pram sometimes it's a good solution.

    You have not any indication in system profiler ?

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    The only thing that shows in profiler is under network; "airport card, no information"

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    This might help, I hope!


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    From what I've found on this forum and from google searches the card is the correct model number for my version machine. Mine is a 7,3 version and from what I can tell is not the late-2005 model. The card slot is easy to access in the front of the machine. The later version is not a DIY install from what I've read.

    Here's what I've tried so far:

    1. Installed card (plugged and unplugged card and antennae several times to clean any oxidation off contacts)

    2. Reset NVRAM and PRAM 3 or 4 times

    3. Repaired permissions w/ Disk utility

    4. Tried locating Airport card in Profiler (nothing shows in "Hardware" section and "Airport Card" only shows in Network section and when selected it says "no information."

    5. Tried opening System Pref>Network>then tried to "+" but airport doesn't come up in pull down window.

    6. Considered throwing the whole thing in our lake...but it's the kids computer and they would drive me crazy without it!

    HELP! Is there any test to tell if the card is dead? Getting no support from the seller. That's what I get for using Ebay I guess.


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    Did you read and folow these instructions?



    The card isn't upside down, is it? (I don't mean to be insulting. It is a rather common occurrence).


    If the card is otherwise properly installed, one should consider the possibility that the purchased card is dead.


    The feedback that you provide the seller should reflect your experience.

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    Not at all insulting...I tried the other direction already and the design of the bracket won't allow it to go in that way.


    I did follow the instructions as linked. I'm guessing the card is DOA. Faced with possible negative feedback the seller agreed to ship out a different card. here's hoping it works!


    Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I'll let you know how it turns out.