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Hi, just yesterday I noticed my macbook air (13" 2011) isn't charging when I plug in the magsafe and the led won't turn on. I went through all the steps in the magsafe troubleshooting page - including checking the pins and unplugging the charger for a minute or two and letting it reset in case there was line interference. I've also tried resetting the SMC (ctl-opt-shft-power). That didn't do anything. The computer is still under warranty but just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?





MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    The same thing happened to me.  They replaced the power adapter and everythings been fine since.

    Give applecare a call or take it by the store.

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    Rather than starting a new thread, do you know why the orange light goes off and the macbook keeps charging with no led light displayed on the magsafe charger, is this a major problem? I contacted the apple store and the guy said its not a problem as long as its charging, it doesnt do it all the time, just abit annoying. Rob. 

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    If you rAir is still under warranty (or you purchased Apple Care), take it in to an Apple Store and demand that the charger be replaced. This is NOT normal. If the Genius you speak to refuses to replace it, ask to see the store supervisor.

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    The weird thing I've noticed is that after the machine is plugged in (not charging) for about half an hour, the led turns orange and the computer starts to charge spontaneously. I don't think this is normal behaviour, so I'll contact apple care next week and ask for a replacement charger to see if that fixes it.

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    The apple store replaced my charger, and ran a few tests on my macbook (which they found nothing wrong) and they reset some of its software which could of caused the light to go off. The problem is solved now cheers.

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    Apple is only changing the chargers for USA residents.  The rest of us can suck wind.  Bad product support.

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    Hi fromcoogee.

    I googled this when I had the same issue and the solution that worked was something I would not believe. Basically the magsafe power adaptor needs to be warmed up. I, like the person who suggested this, sat on the adaptor (middle part between connection and powerpoint only as per below link) and for 15 minutes. After doing this it started working again. I figured no harm trying and was shocked to find it worked. I am also from Coogee and given it is July the cold temperature is obviously causing the problem!!


    mentioned on this blog:



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    Thanks for posting this link! I actually guffawed when I read this proposed solution, but I was so desparate I tried it anyway. I'm in China right now, and it will be months before I can get to an Apple Store stateside. I didn't actually sit on the charger; just ran a hair dryer on very low heat setting for 5 seconds. Worked like a charm! This most likely is not a very good long term solution, but it works for now.