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Still working with Snow Leopard (10.6.8) I wonder if a slideshow in Aperture itself can be exported to iDVD or just a plain DVD, since that possibility is nowhere mentioned in its 'help' function nor export settings. If not - what I'm rather convinced of - is there some bypass to achieve this (Roxio's TOAST only?), or do I have to return to iPhoto to create a new slideshow?

Anyway - pure as a personal note - for various reasons of me needing to work happily with all Apple software, I find it rather dissapointing and ennoying that Apple is not aiming more to an easy, useful, innovative integration of its iPhoto - iDVD - Aperture - FCPX software. All of these programs used together would make for great output results.

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    To render a DVD from your Aperture Slideshow export the Slideshow to the Finder as HD movie; then create a new project in iDVD and then import this movie into iDVD.


    To render a movie from your Slideshow in Aperture press  the "Export" button in the upper right corner, and then select the quality settings and a filename in the export panel.




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    Probably because of the DVD resolution limitations, Apple seems to be moving away from DVD's. However, if you simply export your slideshow as a DV file, you can import it into iDVD.


    This might help, too:


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    How do I proceed exactly to "export to the Finder as HD movie (dixit leonieDF) and to "export as a DV file" (your advise), since the 'Export' button in the upper right corner only mentions "Export for: Custom / iPod / iPhone / iPod Touch / MobileMe / You Tube / Apple TV / iPad / HD 720p or 1080p"? No mention of "DV". What do I overlook?

    In what does your advise differ from the suggestion by leonieDF "to export to the Finder as HD movie"? And, concerning the quality in "Custom": what is the difference between "Best" and "High" and which is to prefer?


    The slideshow of 7 minutes contains 91 items of images, scanned from original slides. No image is larger than 4 MB.

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    Oops, sorry. In this case choose the 720p HD.

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    Have a look at the iDVD Help text: It lists the following compatible video formats:

    HD 720 or HD 1080 are both variants of HDV (HIgh Definition Video) can both be used with iDVD.

    Video and image formats that work with iDVD


    You can use these movie and graphic formats in iDVD:

    ■ Most video or image files supported by QuickTime (see the list of unsupported QuickTime formats below)


    ■ 16:9 widescreen formats


    ■ AAC, MP3, and AIFF audio files


    ■ Any format from iMovie: DV, high-definition video (HDV), MPEG-2 SD, MPEG-2 SD, MPEG-4 SD, MPEG-4 HD, and AVCHD


    High definition video is converted to work with the format of your project. iDVD supports using 16:9 widescreen video; therefore, when your DVD plays on a DVD player that supports widescreen format, the footage appears in its original aspect ratio.

    The following video and image formats are not supported in iDVD:

    ■ Copyrighted or protected videos.


    ■ Movies saved in thousands of colors using the “none” compression setting in iMovie.


    ■ 48-bit color images (16 bits per color). To use source files in one of these formats in iDVD, save them in a supported format.


    ■ Aurora uncompressed files. For best results, export Aurora clips as DV-format video before importing them into iDVD.


    ■ QuickTime VR, MPEG-1 or MPEG-2, Flash, streaming or encrypted movies, or QuickTime spanned movies. You can’t add MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 files to an iDVD project because they don’t contain standard video tracks.


    ■ QuickTime Fast Start movies. (Fast Start movies are intended for Internet playback.) When saving a QuickTime movie for use with iDVD, click the Options button in the QuickTime Export dialog and make sure that the “Prepare for Internet Streaming” checkbox is not selected.