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what is the charging specs on the iphone 4s and the ipad 2?  I have a the philips DLA 95543/10 auto charger and the specs on it are :


input       10.5-18v DC       ( I know what this means )

output     5.0v DC 500mA  ( i know what this means too)

power     2.5w                    (  this is what i am concerned about )


everyhting I can find talks about 2.1w.  So is the charger I have going to blow up my iphone and ipad?  the phone gets hot while chaging with it. 

THanks in advance

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    Charging Specs:


    iPhone - 5.0V DC, 1A

    iPad - 5.0V DC, 2.1A


    Watt = Volt*Amp, so 5.0V * 500mA = 2.5W


    Although according to what I've read, 5V DC, 500mA may charge your iPhone (slower than 1A), I would recommend 1A for your iPhone and 2.1A for your iPad.  Also note that I have used an iPad charger (2.1A) to charge my iPhone with no problems.

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    So 2.5 is too much? And I need to buy a charger.

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    If you are referring to how many watts, you would need 5 watts (5.0 volts * 1 amp) for an iPhone and 10.2 watts (5 volts * 2.1 amps) for an iPad.  In the case of the iPad, 10 watts should work since the Apple charger for the iPad is rated at 10 watts.  I would suggest buy a charger that says it's compatible with an iPhone or iPad depending on your needs.