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When I tap on the 1 voicemail I have received, the only options I have are "Call Back" or "Delete".  I want to listen to the voicemail!

iPhone 4S
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    Something screwy with your Carrier voicemail settings then. Sounds like you have a messed up Visual voicemail or your phone is messed up. Try a restore first prior to calling your carrier, then it's their problem.

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    Thanks - called store - was told to go to settings and reset network setings and it worked!

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    When you get to the Voicemail page, tap the message listing to listen to the voicemail.  There is no "listen" button.


    See the instructions on page 62 of the iPhone iOS 5.1 User Guide

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    Sprint is my carrier and I have had sporadic voicemail problems for over a month. When I stopped into the Sprint store I was told it was a "known Apple issue" with the OS and a patch would be out soon.


    I show a voicemail received. When I tap the message to play it, I sometimes (20%) of the time I get no playback. It shows a voicemail received, but with a length of 0:00.


    When I call the person back, they tell me they did leave a voicemail.


    The message is still there when I return to voicemail. It has a blue dot to the left of the callers name. When I select the message it highlights in blue and has an arrow where the dot was, like a "play" icon. Pressing this icon does nothing. Nothing.


    Works fine the rest of the time. Frustrating.


    Is Sprint lying to me or is this an Apple issue?

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    Received three voicemails in the last 45 minutes. One of them played back fine. The other two, not at all. Both people said they left messages.


    When trying to play the messages that won't play, the scrubber bar does not move either.


    There are days where I can't play any message st all, then it will be OK for a week.

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    Just did a "soft reset" by pressing the power button on top and the round button on the face of the phone at the same time. I shut it down, restarted and waited.


    All of my voicemails were gone for 30 seconds or so, then I got a notification I had two new voicemails. They were the two that wouldn't play. They played fine now.


    Is this an Apple problem or a Sprint problem, anyone know?

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    My trip to settings and reset Network settings worked quickly!