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I run an onlie radio station and use iTunes as an integral part of the system.  I like to print out playlists each week of the new music that has been added, usually 600 - 700 songs.  I like the format of the "album list" option, but would really like to add the genre to the content it displays.  Is there a preference file somewhere I can edit to customize that layout?



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    The Print options that iTunes offers are very restrictive, and have few if any options.  When you choose Album Listing, there is not an option to include genre.  Sorry.


    I have had luck doing copy/paste from the iTunes List View into Excel, which gives you complete control over what columns are included and how they are formatted.  I don't usually do it with lists up 30 or so songs, so don't know if it will be suitable for 600-700, but why not give it a try.

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    While this is the answer I expected, i'm still hoping that some uber-geek out there knows of a plist or preference or library file that could be tweaked.


    I hadn't thought about using a work-around like Excel.  Certainly worth a try!