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My Mac mini (mid 2010) came with 2GB of RAM installed, each being 1GB. I upgraded awhile back to 8GB, (two 4GB DDR3 SODIMs) and my Mac worked, but heated up quickly, so I went back to the original 2GB of RAM and exchanged my purchased 8GB. I just got my new 8GB before posting this, and while my Mac works with one of them, (either one, but not at the same time) and even one of the 4GB sticks and one of the 1GB sticks my Mac came with, it will not boot when the total RAM is 8GB. Instead, I get the beeping tone corresponding with the power light that says, "something's wrong, I can't boot" in Mac language.


My first pair of 4GB sticks of RAM was determined to be a manufacturing error, so what is the deal with this new RAM? I am currently using 5GB total, one of the 4GB sticks and the other a 1GB stick. I would like full use of my memory, especially since Apple claims the model of Mac I have can run with 8GB and I have done it before with the same exact RAM I am using now. Any suggestions?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Mac mini 2010 with OS X Lion
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