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    Ok I found all the APN stuff in the preferences plist and found another version of the howardforums thing on wiki and it said the only thing you wanted to change on that file was add the att.mvno under ever APN and nothing else so I went ahead and fixed the files and restored the preferences file to before I had made changes and had changed the mms overide file to the text it said to use on the after I restored that back up I backed up my phone to my computer again and reopened ibackupbot and checked to make sure that it stuck and both files had kept the changes made to it. I then proceeded to edit the preferences plist file changing all the APN to att.mvno and then saved the change and ticked only that file and restored the back up after my phone rebooted it went from saying home to att next to the signal bars I didn't have an APN changer profile installed and checked to see if the 3G data was working without wifi and it was but I still couldn't send or receive MMS so I turned cellular data off and back on to see what it would do and it switched back to saying home instead of att like it was originally I then checked to see if my data still worked and it didnt so I opened my iTunes back up to back up my phone again so I could look and see if the changes I had made got reset but for some reason when iTunes opened it said there was an error and it could not read the phone at all and needed to be restored to factory settings in iTunes so I went ahead and did that before it finished it asked if I wanted to restore from my latest back up which was the backup where I had changed the files to what wiki said I clicked restore from that back up and once my phone rebooted it still said home like it did before but when I checked to see if data and MMS worked it did so I opened ibackupbot again to look at the back up that my phone had just restored from and the two files were edited the way it said on wiki and it stuck finally not sure exactly what caused all that to happen but I'm glad it did cuz now my phone works the way it is supposed to lol XD NOTE: when I mentioned in my earlier post that what I edited in the files stuck I was wrong the only one that had stuck was the MMS override file the preferences file kept changing back to before but the ip3 I had edited stayed changed all the other things in that file I had changed had reverted to before the changes. My error in not noticing that the changes hadn't stuck was not backing the phone up to iTunes and reopening ibackupbot to look at the files after I finally started doing this I realized it hadn't been sticking but it's all good now everything is working fine sorry for the novel lol

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    FYI: Apparently, the punctuation keys on your keyboard are not functioning correctly.


    No idea what you're going on about as your post is nearly impossible to read without inducing migranes.


    Let's eat grandma!

    Let's eat, grandma!


    Punctuation matters.

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