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I have recently upgraded to a 4s from a 3gs and am nolonger able to connect to my cars bluetooth. (ford Mondeo) My previous iphone still works ok and also my daughters samsung S2.


It appears from hundred of forums across the internet that thousands of people with an  iphone 4s are having the same issues with most makes of cars. However Apple seem to be ignoring the issue.


This is unacceptable! surely its just a matter of a minor software upgrade (or reversal as the previous iphones worked). Not addressing this will result in more people using thier phones in cars without handfree devices or getting


What is the best way to get this issue recognised and adressed by apple, twitter or face book campaign or simply to dump our iphones and by a more car bluetooth campatable brand i.e Samsung

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    The iPhone 4s uses the actual version of Bluetooth, which is 4.0. This version is absolutely backward compatible with older versions. If your phone does not connect to your car then you probably should not blame Apple but the car manufacturer, because it appears that this company did not implement Bluetooth properly. I for example have no problem connecting my iPhone 4s to my car (Audi).

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    From researching further there obviously seems a number of reasons that could cause an Iphone 4s to not bond with a cars handsfree. And sometimes its just hit and miss.


    There appears a lot of missinformation and apinion out there on the apple discussion boards


    My original post was drawn from frustration of having a great phone and not being able to use it in my car, when previously i had had no issues connecting my 3gs. It also appeared (on the internet) that hundreds of people were also having difficulty too, and i couldnt seem to find a simple answer from an Apple representative.


    If as you say it is not an Apple issue, I will continue to work through some of the suggested options and hopefully it will get sorted.


    I would have remove this discussion but not sure how!

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    I understand your frustration and I am not here to defend Apple. Maybe the following link can help you:




    Hopefully it will work for you.

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    Today I am very happy by open apple acount from help center

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    My phone is 4 and I have the same problem

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    Here too. It was great until I did the update and now my phone no longer connects to my car or my headphones or even my computers. And yes I tried to re-pair them. Thanks for the update it's the best one yet!